Review: The Nordic Bakery, Marylebone 

Hi everyone,

Hope you’ve had an amazing Christmas and enjoyed all the festivities (read: food).
Today I’ve got another review of a cafe/coffee shop in London. I spent a few days in Marylebone before Christmas and have been desperate to try The Nordic Bakery for ages. I specifically wanted to have the cinnamon buns but was recently informed by a very reliable cinnamon bun source (aka scandinavians living in London) that there’s a different place that does better cinnamon buns, so I decided not to waste my time (or calories!) on sub-par buns.

(Their famous blueberry cake – didn’t try it but was very tempted!)

I popped into the New Cavendish branch of this Scandi cafe after I’d done a morning workout. It also happened to be one of the coldest days of the year so I was in the mood for something warming. After about 10 minutes internally debating what to get, I ended up ordering their porridge to-go. We were staying only a few minutes walk away so I planned to eat it straight away when I got home. The lady serving me (who was particularly unfriendly and unhelpful) asked what topping I wanted. Bad move. I don’t do well with choices and decisions!! I could have honey, cinnamon or jam. I couldn’t choose between cinnamon or jam so went for both (which I was pleasantly surprised that they let me have!)

(Some of the savouries at the counter)

It took just under 10 minutes for her to bring my porridge from downstairs and add the toppings, which I thought was quite a long time. In the meantime, I was drooling over all the amazing looking pastries and bread on the counter!

She presented my porridge to me in a ginormous takeaway cardboard container, with a lid on to keep it hot and a wooden spoon. The porridge stayed lovely and warm in the 5 minutes it took me to walk to where we were staying and dig in. The spoon, however, was the most awful porridge instrument I’ve ever seen. You’re probably thinking “how much can a spoon affect the porridge?”. My answer = a lot. It changed the whole porridge experience. It tasted wooden and sucked up some of the liquid, so I quickly whipped out a real spoon to enjoy the rest of my breakfast.

I haven’t actually said how the porridge tasted yet! Sorry for the rambling! I’ll make the rest quite quick. IT WAS SO YUMMY. I didn’t know this when I ordered but you can ask for them to make it with whatever milk you like (soya is the non-diary option they have available) but because I just asked for the porridge, they made mine with whole milk, which is the default I believe. Doesn’t surprise me because it was so so creamy it must have been full-fat milk. The mixture of grains they use to make it – rye and oats also contributes to the creaminess (according to their website, anyway!).

(More counter goodies)

Onto the toppings: It had such a lovely cinnamon taste on top (shame it was only sprinkled on the top layer really) and the jam was honestly amazing. I actually went back in to ask which jam they use on the porridge because I wanted to buy some and they sell 3 types in the cafe: strawberry, blueberry and lingonberry (all of which are sugar free so I was excited that it could taste that nice!) but the man told me the jam they use on the porridge is actually not one of the ones they sell, it’s a different recipe! I was so annoyed because seriously this jam was good – probably 99% sugar but I’m telling myself it was the post-workout anabolic window so it’s ok. 🙈

The porridge was so big I only managed to have like 1/3rd of it (because I had to have a source of protein with it aswell as it was after my workout) but I think if that were all you were eating still half or three quarters of it would be plenty! It was very filling!

(It all looked so yummy – sorry for the bad pictures!)

Overall, I’d definitely get the porridge from The Nordic Bakery again, I’d like to try it made with water or skimmed milk to see if it’s still as creamy and delicious. I’d also like to try it eating in the cafe, rather than taking it away. Everything else they did looked and sounded delicious too, all the sandwiches and the other breakfasts and pastries, so I’m for sure planning to go again!

Presentation: 8/10

Service: 6/10

Atmosphere: 7/10

Location: 9/10

Price: 7/10
Menu: 8/10

What’s your favourite porridge topping? Let me know in the comments below!
Thanks for reading,

H x

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