Jim buddy’s donut 

Today I’m reviewing something I’ve never tried before, a protein donut! I heard that there was going to be a stand at Bodypower 2017 called ‘Jim Buddy’s’ and that they do high protein donuts, so I was immediately intrigued. I know I could always make my own ‘pronut’ but it’s so much easier just to buy one, especially when you’re short on time.

I feel bad for my companion, as I literally dragged them round every stall going “no, this isn’t the donuts” and buying loads of stuff in the process (was always going to happen, it’s Bodypower, what do you expect?!). Anyway, when I found them I was so excited and wanted to buy all of the flavours but unfortunately, I could only buy one due to limited space, so I chose the chocolate orange flavour. All of the other 3 flavours sounded great too but when it comes down to any decision, chocolate will always win for me.
So each donut is packed in its own little tub and has 99kcals. Of this, 10g is protein, 2g net carbs (annoyingly they don’t tell you the actual carbs, although this can easily be worked out) and 3.5g fat. The ingredient list is also relatively ‘good’ in terms of the fact that it’s made with ingredients I actually know of, such as whey protein, Greek yoghurt and orange zest, among other things.

Some of the icing of my donut did come off onto the lid of the tub which was annoying but I just scraped it back on and I suppose there isn’t an alternative way of packing them, so not really much they could do.
Now, for the taste! The chocolate orange flavour was honestly really good – not artificial which I find a lot of protein treats to be. It’s no Terry’s but it was still great! The icing was a great consistency and was the texture of ‘real’, ‘normal’ icing, which I loved because that is one thing that I was worried about. The texture is where I was really really disappointed though. It’s structure was that of a donut but it was so so dry that i couldn’t really swallow it easily and I didn’t enjoy it straight out of the tub at all. I was really hoping for great things with this brand so decided rather than throwing it away, I would try microwaving it and serving it with some Greek yoghurt to see if it was better https://mastertramadol.com/ warmed up. OH YES. IT WAS. Seriously, the chocolate flavour came out more, as did the orange and it was so soft and perfectly moist like a donut should be.

Overall, I would definitely be willing to try another Jim Buddy’s protein donut, to see if I got a random bad one or one that was slightly old or something (especially because the other 3 flavours all sounded so great). If they are all as dry as the first I had, then I would possibly still buy them, but definitely only rarely as it would have to be a snack that I would have to microwave, so I couldn’t take it on the go, like I should be able to.
It’s £14.99 for 6 donuts directly from the website, www.jimbuddy.co.uk (You can definitely make your own for less money). The website delivers all over the UK. Edit: they also now sell on www.proteinpicknmix.co.uk.


Taste: 7.5/10

Price: 5/10

Macros: 7/10
Availability: 6/10
What’s your favourite flavour donut? Let me know in the comments!
Thanks for reading x

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